CGI feature film

Rabbit Academy – Guardians of the Golden Egg

Cool city rabbit Max ends up at the Rabbit Academy in the middle of the forest, where he has to learn the secret techniques of the Easter Rabbits in order to stop a sneaky fox family from hijacking Easter together with his new friends.

Rabbit boy Max lives alone on a traffic island in the middle of the city and gets by. His biggest dream is to become a gang member of the “mad rabbits”. To prove to his buddies that he really has what it takes, Max takes to the skies on a remote-controlled airplane and is caught by a gust of wind that propels him far out of the city and into the forest. Max lands in the middle of the Rabbit Academy, where time seems to have stood still. He finds this old-fashioned training camp for Easter rabbits rather uncool, and he has only one thought: get out of here! His escape is dramatically thwarted by the fox family living behind a protective hedge, which only trained Easter rabbits can get past. The spoiled city rabbit is forced to adapt to the rules of the boarding school. The cute rabbit pupil Emmi helps him, but Max can’t quite find his new place yet. When the wise teacher Madame Hermione consults the Easter oracle and Easter is in danger, Max has to make a decision: Does he have what it takes to become a real Easter rabbit and prove himself in the fight against the foxes to preserve Easter? And will he manage to learn the magical vanishing act to save the golden egg that gives the rabbits special powers?

Loosely based on the classic book “The Rabbit Academy” by Fritz Koch-Gotha and Albert Sixtus.


World premiere



Family Entertainment, CG animated feature film


76min, 2K / HD

Target Audience

Families; girls and boys aged 6-11 (accompanied by their parents)

Written by

Katja Grübel and Dagmar Rehbinder


Ute von Münchow-Pohl

Creative Team

Heiko Hentschel (Art Director), Peter Bohl (Animation Director), Gerlinde Godelmann (Character Design)

German Cast

Senta Berger (Madame Hermione), Friedrich von Thun (Eitelfritz), Noah Levi (Max) u.v.a.


Dirk Beinhold

Executive Producer

Sebastian Runschke, Valentin Greulich


Virgin Lands, Tobias Weingärtner

Funded by

FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, MFG Filmförderung, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Filmstiftung NRW, Filmförderungsanstalt, Deutscher Filmförderfonds, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, MEDIA Creative Europe

German Broadcaster



LEONINE Distribution, Gebeka Films (France)

World Distribution

Sola Media

Festivals / Awards / Nominations:

Int. Filmfestspiele Berlin (world premiere), Giffoni Film Festival, TIFF KIDS, Anima Festival Bruxelles, ITFS 2017, Goldener Spatz, Zlin Film Festival, Gijon Int. Film Festival, Schlingel Festival, Zürich Film Festival, Münchner Filmfest, Children’s Film Carnivals, Cinanima, Mumbai FF, Brazils Kids Film Festival, 11th Int. Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh, Les Tolles Filantes, Busan Int. Film Festival


Audience Award at Zurich Film Festival, Children & Media Award „Weißer Elefant“ for Best Animated Feature, Audience Award at Anima Festival, Audience Award at Les Tolles Filantes